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Our Philosophy

What we fuel our bodies with has a direct impact on the quality of our lives, this stands for our cattle as well as the beef that we produce. Every part of our process is meticulously owner managed. Animal welfare, genetics and nutrition are of paramount importance. Our cattle are reared without the use of growth stimulants or routine antibiotics. All our beef is fully traceable back to source via DNA verification and our entire herd is ring fenced and managed according to specific protocols therefore closed to any form of transmittable diseases.

These wagyu cattle, along with our unique production system has given us the opportunity to provide a product that outranks any other beef available from South Africa. Our beef is packaged under the most stringent food safety protocols in South Africa. We are HACCP and ISO22000 accredited, export approved, and Halal certified.

Silent Valley Wagyu Tomahawk

Our Block Chain Guarantee

Our product range consists of 4 sets of primal cuts: Forequarter, Loin, BBQ and Hindquarter Set.

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Silent Valley Beyond
Silent Valley Bespoke
Silent Valley Supreme

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